Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Crysis run

Using the rig of the dude from the game CRYSIS, i animated him running along, doing a "monkeyvault", falling, tuck n roll landing and then a "speedvault".
No progress this time as it only took two days to animate :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Shamurai showdown

I animated a samurai character hacking at a dummy and then stylishly re-sheething his sword.
The constraining was a NIGHTMARE on this one...
So i got away with tons of swapping between differently constrained swords and hiding/ unhiding them.

The most challenging animation -wise was to get the fingerplacement on the re-sheething correctly. And it IS correct. But i still think im gonna need a bit of motion blur to really make that move look nice.
And i should document the progress next time too. Took me several weeks, this one :P

Friday, 2 November 2012

sticks and stones..

Yo. So i made a new animatian...
The trick here waas to show the difference of weight on the ballls.
Also to make the girl move in a feminine way, and the man in a msaculine way.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Crime pays

I was watching `Broken Arrow` the other day. And i noticed something weird about the musical score...
Here is a compilation thing from Broken Arrow. Notice the music...

Broken Arrow came out in 1996 and Hans Zimmer made the original score.

Here is a clip from Scream, another movie that came out in 1996.
This is where police dude Dewey meets Gale Weathers aka Monica...

Original score for the movie Scream was made by Marco Beltrami. What the hell Marco?!
You blatantly stole the music from Broken Arrow!
The question is why? WHY, Marco?!

Dewey and Monica (David Arquette and Courtney Cox) met during the filming of Scream (supposedly).
Maybe they had something to do with it?
Maybe they were all in the editing booth together and when putting the score on that scene where they meet, Dewey and monica were like "we want the music from Broken Arrow on there because its our favorite movie, even though it only came out this year and might not atually be released at this point..."

Whatever the reason, Marco Beltrami decided to steal from Hans Zimmer who has scored awesome movies like Lion King and Inception.
However, you would THINK that after such THEIVERY your career would be over and out.
But no.... just have a look at mr. Beltramis upcoming titles...

And THAT is proof that in Hollywood, crime DOES pay!!
And that i have too much spare time..

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Oil riggers

I had a go at some basic compositing in After Effects. I figured its about time to expand the ol' repertoire of skills!
I shot the view from my parents' living room window with my brand spanking new Canon EOS 600d, which i absolutely love! Ive gone through 3-4 video cameras the last 10 years and this one, even though its not actually a video camera at all, kicks all of their asses! For my use anyway....

The Camera:

Anyway, i put footage from it in After Effects, put some oil rigs in there, threw on some clouds and some color correction... badaBING.

I really should have used better pictures of oil rigs because i wanted to keep making this composite better, but i thought id just leave it and make the next one better instead. But before that i need to animate something...

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday, 20 May 2012

New animation

Here is a new animation i made for my showreel. I posted it on some forums to get feedback, and i think its looking good now.
Blue guy tries to get past red guys with guns... aaaand action!