Thursday, 27 September 2012

Oil riggers

I had a go at some basic compositing in After Effects. I figured its about time to expand the ol' repertoire of skills!
I shot the view from my parents' living room window with my brand spanking new Canon EOS 600d, which i absolutely love! Ive gone through 3-4 video cameras the last 10 years and this one, even though its not actually a video camera at all, kicks all of their asses! For my use anyway....

The Camera:

Anyway, i put footage from it in After Effects, put some oil rigs in there, threw on some clouds and some color correction... badaBING.

I really should have used better pictures of oil rigs because i wanted to keep making this composite better, but i thought id just leave it and make the next one better instead. But before that i need to animate something...

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