Thursday, 4 November 2010

Heavy weight walk

Just made my first heavy weight walk.


Animated monkey having a hysteric fit. Consisting of the classic "jump and smack ground" followed by an attemmpt at a wallflip and finished off with a gorilla like display of "im the MAN/APE".

The first part was simpler yesterday. But then Georg pointed out that due to the monkey`s size and weight of hands, his lower body would most likely leave the ground after such impacts from the hands. And that was a good observation, because when i added that, i can see how it gives much more overall life to the character. At that time at least.

When i was happy with the first part, i made the jump on the wall, then the gorilla chest punching.
There is something wrong with the jump and the landing. cant put my finger on what it is. And i worked alot on it, but i cant make it better!

I was originally going to have him walk angry towards the camera for a few steps, but i figured i might as weell go straigh into the gorilla move.

Then i added some facial animation and called it a day.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Monke see, monkey do

I tried to animate a monkey walk cycle.
This was pretty forward and similar to a human walk except for a few things.

1. Monkeys walk with their hands AND feet. They balance their weight between the leg and the arm that is touching the ground.

2. Monkeys lean forward quite a bit to get the weight divided between legs and arms.

3. A lot of shoulder movement when leaning on the arms.

Here is my very simple monkey walk:

Mine does`nt actually look like he is leaning on his hands. They`re too long!!
Gorillas usually have relatively straight arms (the one their leaning on) while walking. For this one to be doing that, he would be standing straight, and NOT look like a gorilla. But he isnt anyway, he is a chimp.
We are going for a gorilla look animationwise so that willl need more researh into how they move. I think disneys Tarzan would be great to watch. tonight.


I tried to fix the animation a bit. Adden some upper torso rotation and set the movement a the hands a bit off from before ( to make the hands touch the ground sooner).#

It looks a bit better, though a lot of improvement could be done.
I am going to look at gorillas now and how they run.