Thursday, 4 November 2010


Animated monkey having a hysteric fit. Consisting of the classic "jump and smack ground" followed by an attemmpt at a wallflip and finished off with a gorilla like display of "im the MAN/APE".

The first part was simpler yesterday. But then Georg pointed out that due to the monkey`s size and weight of hands, his lower body would most likely leave the ground after such impacts from the hands. And that was a good observation, because when i added that, i can see how it gives much more overall life to the character. At that time at least.

When i was happy with the first part, i made the jump on the wall, then the gorilla chest punching.
There is something wrong with the jump and the landing. cant put my finger on what it is. And i worked alot on it, but i cant make it better!

I was originally going to have him walk angry towards the camera for a few steps, but i figured i might as weell go straigh into the gorilla move.

Then i added some facial animation and called it a day.

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