Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Special Effects project- Making guns!

This project is all about nice n glossy special effects. We Teamed up in groups of 2 to 3. I am in a group with Pete and Simon.
We spent some time beforehand to figure out what COULD be done in accordance to what we would LIKE to make.
In the morning meeting, where we all pitched our ideas, i realized that all of the groups had really good ideas and i cant wait to see them all come together!

Our idea was initially to have me and pete come in to a totally white environment, and then (in the video) gradually "create" everything around us. Sort of like a breakdown, but as part of whats happening.
Then we wanted to have me and pete turn against each other and start fighting with various cg created weapons. Im talking guns, bombs, throwing weapons, even vehicles!
The oucome of the fight was never planned though.

BUT since this would require WAAAAY to much work, we shortened the whole thing down to one clip each of the effects we wanted to show.
So there will be one major establishing shot to show mattepainting background with 3d objects (a big bridge), one shot of us fighting to show interaction between real footage and cg environment, and then a shot of me picking up a big cg gun from the ground and then shooting pete. This is probably the trickiest of the techniques were using, but with georg´s expertise, we´ll get there soon!

My job was to create the "box" which we were to use as a tracking reference for the cg gun. And also to make the actual cg gun in Maya.
The Box i first wanted to make out of cardboard boxes and spraypaint them in one solid color. But i figured a paper box would be too weak, so i made one out of shelves i bought.
So i hacked up the shelves and assembeled them with handy screws and spraypainted the whole shebang in florescant green.

The handles i created was covered in black tape so we could keep them instead of keying them ou and replacing them. That would add a lot of work.
But when the thing wa finished i got way to excited, picked it up and started shaking it ( i was pretending it was a machine gun ratatatatta), and then i broke one of the handles....
But it wasnt a big problem since we had one handle left. Still very stupid mistake...

We hve done a lot of testing with The Box, but havent quite gotten the results we need. So while Pete was struggling with that, i was working on the cg gun.
Its almost finished, but i have a very essential part of it left - texturing.
It may the most important part of convincing realism to the audience.
This is what it looks like so far...

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