Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thoughts on dissertation topic

In one of Anns lectures on what topic to choose for out dissertation, she mentioned something about the link between ancient mythologies and modern day superheroes.
Being a total nerd for anything mythology-related, i decided to go for that, and hopefully find an approach to it that made it more interesting. A little bit of epic, if at all possible.

That is what i love about mythologies. Its ability to go above and beyond epic. Despite the fact that even thoguh they are totally made up and sometimes really really wierd, they can also give you a sort of epiphany that makes you think twice about its meaning, its importance to ancient societies as well as our own!!!

This is where the superheroes come in. After reading up on ARCHETYPES, which is the main link between it all, in both mythologies and superhero comic books, i see a reaccuring theory that makes me chuckle. Namely that superhero stories are our modern day mythology! They might mean more than we think. And i am going to find out!
This is going to be epic. EPIC!!!

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Merte said...

Sounds exiting! Good luck with it :)