Monday, 1 December 2008

8th week

In animations class, we made another walkcycle. But this time it needed to present an emotion. I decided to go for a happy, strutting kind of walk.
I carefully studied the sample thumbnails Andy gave us the week before, And made frame by frame almost directly copied from the sheet. I dont like doing that, and it still didnt get very good.
After completing it and watching it, i saw seversal errors and the biggest one was the head bobbing too much, which totally changed the mood of the walk. To me he seemed to be creeping rather than strutting proudly. Though i could spot various mistakes, i definately see how i wouldnt be able to do this without all the practice weve been through. All in all happy with the result:)

The maya bit was basically the same as last week except that Georg wanted us to do the walkcycle with as many bodyparts as possible moving.
I did a totally normal walk by the end of the day, but wasnt quite happy. The guys sitting next to me had made sort of funny walks, and i thought since we werre suppossed to make everything move, "why not"? So i went back to the studio on wednesday, and listening to heavy metal on the busride inspired me to do a sort of rock n roll, airguitar playing, stomping, headbanging... type of walk:P
In the last couple of weeks we've been animating the model as a whole, but since i needed to animate each limb with its own curve, i animated them one at a time. I felt this gave me better control of what was going on. And when one thing was animated, you could forget about it and move on.
This is definatly different from regular animation, where you kind of have to keep everything moving all the time.
I'm very pleased with the result. Mainly because it makes me laugh, but also because everything is moving and everything has its own motion curve.

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