Sunday, 15 February 2009

Christmas assignment

Right before christmas, we were given assignments to do a walkcycle of ourself in 2d, then in 3d.
I started with the 2d versionm which was very hard. So in order to take it step by step, i looked at each individual body part and animated them in a sort of "calculated" way (at least the timing).
Torso first, which looks like a bean going up and down in a curcular motion.
The head simply followed the torso.
The legs were no more dificult than in other walkcycles, but for my "sneaky-walk" they needed some characteristic timing.
I animated the hands for last, and simply attached them to the "bean" body going back and forth.

For the 3d version, i thought it would be easier to "characterise" the walk using the rigged model. But once i got the basic movements down, i started changing most body parts, which made the movement seem unnatural. lesson learned; easier is better.

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