Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Animating Dorothy

I figured out why my rig didnt work. It was simply a matter of freezing the transformation on some objects. So thankfully it was easily repaired.

Anyway, when the rig was finished i was ready to start animating, which i was really looking forward to. I think the animation itself if the most challenging as well as the best creative part of building a character.
In professional studios, i doubt that they have the same people modeling and rigging as animating.
Though i realy like that you kind of get the best bit last. And it gives you something to look forward to while doing boring ol´ modeling work:P

I started making simple walkcycles, wchich i would have been happy with, say 6months ago. But after looking at a LOT of animated movies and shorts to study techniques, i really wanted to make all my animations as good as possible (with the projects deadline in consideration).
Since this is my first ever proper animation production, i was very eager to make it look good.

With a coupe of different walk cycles in the box, i started adding the broom, the glass window etc.. wherever needed. And then made whatever animation needed for the scene or clip.

Here is an example of one of the animations. This is when Dorothy is sweeping the roof, and falls through the window shes standing on.

Whenever i make something that i am happy with, it always makes up for the time and efort spent on it. I feel that these animations ive made for this project (considering theyre the first proper ones ive ever made) are what i was looking for. Not too much, and still "to the point".
I like them. and i am pleased with the result:)

Now we just have to patch all the different elements of the project together to make the final cut.

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