Friday, 20 May 2011

MAKING two futuristic plasma blaster GUNS!

Charlie asked me to help him make some cg stuff for his Final Major Project for his Film course.
I figured i could model the gun in the film, that would later be tracked and comped into live action footage, much like Pete and I did last year for our Post production/ VFX project illustrated hmya:

I also took on the job of making the physical gun to which the cg one would be tracked.
But i thought i`d make it more interesting this time.
The plan was to make a box on a handle (like before), and another box which could be stretched out from the main "box" so that if both boxes were tracked, the motion of the little box could be tracked to different parts of the CG gun, potentially creating a transformable gun that moves perfectly with the movement of the little box.... a bit hard to explain...

Here is the physical gun in progress:

I used an Irwin Quick Grip (!??!) which had the movable parts i needed, ultra professionally constructed a wooden box over each part, then slapped some bright mellow yellow construction paper on top to make it look like a smooth unicolored box(es).
Charlie then put millions and millions of little tracking points on for pete to have more than enough to track from.

Then i made the CG GUNS:
(click for SIZE)

Some say they look like fish, i say Supersoakers, and Roy says jetskiis. But Charlie liked them, so it doesnt matter. I made them fairly quickly and definitely would add more detail if i had more time.

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