Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Twoooo Deeeeee

Innovation project time!
For mine i a making a 2d animation on paper. And i am using a sound clip from the film
"The boondock saints".
The quote goes: "why dont you make like a tree... and get the fuck out of here"
The character in the film has some sort of proverb-tourettes-syndrome where he mixes sayings so they dont make sense. funny....

I was not quite sure how to start this process, so first i filled in a dopesheet with all the mouthshapes on all the frames.
Then i ministoryboarded all the key poses, and wrote down framenumbers for them. Also duration of each specifc movement.
Then it was basically just going from key pose to key pose. hopefully.
So thats what i did today. I only have two more days of actual animation and one day of writinng about it.
After scanning the frames and playing it back, even without the sound, it is clear that i need to get better at keeping the sizes the same. My character morphs like a crazy person!

Here is the result of today. Tomorrow`s will be better!

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