Thursday, 30 October 2008

Week no.3

Three weeks into it, and im loving my course more and more.
In Animation principles class, we added another animation principle to the "Cubeman" Animation. Its called Overlap, and apparantly it is the motion which any character makes AFTER the main action. So i made my "Cubefellow" jump towards a ledge and then spinning his arms to balance himself back into position, as he almost tumbled head first to his death.

Then we animated a bouncing ball in Maya, using stepped keyframing. This was way more difficult than i had thought, but it was a good exercise to get used to timing and adjusting timing in Maya. The result was pretty good i thought, but i guess you could lways add more keyframes to those animations.
On Thursday we drew more naked guy. But this time he used more "animated" poses. as if in mid action. Good exercise, and depending on the pose, sometimes very difficult.

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