Tuesday, 10 November 2009

11 second club animation - First stage

Our whole class is entering animations for this months 11 second club competition.

The sound file given this month is just a guy sobbing, saying "I am living in a cocoon of horror... yesterday i ate nine cans of aerosol whipped cream".

This tells us two distinct facts; that he doesnt like where he is living. And that he, in some way ate nine cans of whipped cream.
But the rest can be played with i guess.

I saw some good examples from my classmates of where he actually is and why he has eaten all that cream.
And i want to do something original too, but without losing focus of the character of course.

I wanted to use this project to explore my skills in 2d. I always go for the 3d version, which makes it more comfortable for me to do the same every time. But i wanted to break away from that pattern, just to see how well i can actually do it in 2d.
BUT, concidering that i have a lot of things to do nowadays, and knowing that 2d takes more time and concentration, im doing it again. And saving 2d exploring for next time.

I stated out by scetching out some poses. I didnt care to think about camera angle just yet. I figured out what im roughly gonna go for.
The feeling i want to display is mainly hopelessness. If that is a feeling:P He is obviously sad, but the way he talks to the camera is sort of "look at this. this is hopeless". Like someone straight out of a relationship, trying to adapt to his bachelor pad *cough*:)

I videotaped myself acting out what i wanted the character to do. I tried to focus on the main poses, but since i am a horrible actor it looks way too casual. But at least the poses are there.. sort of...

And here is the character i am using. He is a standard rig provided by our tutor. Most people are using him. I think that is good in a way because you forget about his appearnce and focus on the different ways he´s been animated.
So i made this character sheet trying to focus on depressing poses, since that is what i want him to do.

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