Sunday, 15 November 2009

11 second club animation - preparation work

Listening to/ scrubbing through the soundfile we were given, i started writing down the different parts of the sentences. I got confused about just how to write the SOUND of each letter/pronounciation. Basicly because of the difference in norwegian and english language. I think in norwegian, but talk in english.
I just wrote the whole speech down the side accurate to each frame, and then put mouthshape names next to it.

And i need more dopesheets! i underestimated the length of the pauses and sighs etc.
But i think ill redo all the dopesheets anyway because i want the "sound-language" to be right.
The way its layed out now works, but only to make rough pose-to-pose blockouts.

With the hand drawn scetch-out of my 8 key poses, i slowly went trhough the dopesheet and added them to the frame that they would start. Or at least where the pose is most important.

And then, in maya i could just follow the dopesheet. Im starting to see the importance and practibility of the dopesheet. You wont really need to load the soundfile in maya. You can just follow the notes on the dopesheet. For now anyway. I guess things will complicate along the way...

So at the right frame i posed my character to the right key pose. And since it is so few keys given i set the motion curves to stepped tangents. That way he "clicks" from one pose to another, but still with the right timing.

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