Thursday, 19 March 2009


Finally our 4 week long project of making idents for ChewTV is OVER!
2 weeks of modeling, 1 week of post production and a couple of days of stress, but now its finally finished.

The modeling bit went smooth. I like the process of modeling and designing my project, because this is where its all put into shape.
I was going for a "blossoming" kind of look where everything evolved from the center. But as i went along, i constantly needed to change the object´s placement. It worked out fine, though a little bit different from what i intended.

The idents were supposed to last no more than 5seconds + a 5second ChewTV logo.
Mine was originally 10 seconds long, which would bring te total to 15 seconds instead of the desired 10 seconds.
I managed to cramp it down to 8 seconds or so, which made the pase and music seem a little bit too fast.
This whole error was simply a mistake i made in maya. I forgot to set the framerate to 25 instead of 24.When i then added the video to Adobe After effects for editing, i ended up with a few seconds less and the rythm(pase) problem. It also made the music harder to fit on.

I made the music myself with a very cool software called Garageband and my electric guitar.
In the finished ident the music seem way too fast. And it is. This is also because of the problem with timing. But hey! ill never make THAT mistake again:P

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