Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Hayle project

We are a couple of weeks into production, but as i finally have some time to breathe, i figured i´d put down what we have so far.

In my group is Jackson, Rory, Nick and myself. We work really well together.
We split the group in two. Nick and I are doing all the 3d work, and Jackson and Rory are making all the 2d work. Jackson is appointed producer, and Nick director, but we all have our say.
We are gonna make everything except the characters in 2d.

The characters are:

Old Dorothy (present time. Telling the story)
The interviewer (present time. Functions as the interviewer, though insignificant to the story)
Young Dorothy (retrospect. Acting out the actual happenings of the story)

We chose a story about a woman named Dorothy Cook´s accident at her workplace many years ago. We chose this particular one because it, in contradition to the other stories, doesn´t give a lot of specific descriptions of the surroundings. Which gives us the magnificent opportunity to make our own:)
And the story has mystical elements to it, that honsetly doesent make sense. And are quite unrealistic. We found that intriguing.

After watching a lot of different styles we decided to go for a STEAM-PUNK inspired look. Mostly concerning the city. We figured a dirty, complex town of steam, industry and tons of detail, would be a goood contrast to the rest of our story. And it gives the "2d department" of our group a good chance to show their skill.

In the actual story Dorothy tells, she falls on a steam pipe and goes unconcious for six days(!!!).
You cant help but ask: what might have been going on in her head all that time?
Which presents us to another, and even better opportunity of creative expression; to show what happened (maybe only in her head) during those six days.

We are basically going to make the dream state a scary-confusing-warping-wierd-thumping-colorful place. And the STEAM-PUNK machines working around her, we are going to sync up with music that sounds like machines and that gradually increases speed intensity etc.
Jackson is good with music and sound effects, so he wanted to take care of that part. Which i think is wonderful, since i have a LOT of work to do on the 3d models.

Speaking of which, i gotta get to it again and i will post what i have so far in a bit.

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