Friday, 15 May 2009

Modeling Dorothy

I started bulding a basic shape of a girl body in a way that if anyone in the group wanted to change anything around, that would still be possible.
Then, after reading and watching several tutorials on how to model a human head, i started on that too. I had never tried it before.

She turned out pretty nice. Big eyes, small ears... a little bit too usual cartoon style if you ask me, but at this point we needed to make up our minds so that i could start the texturing, rigging etc.

At first, she looked adult and kind of sexy. But since we agreed not to have her look like that, i had to tone down some things and make her head bigger. And i also increased the size of the feet to make her look "goofier".

Now, with all the shapes roughly like we want them, i needed to start the UV-layout process. I was not looking forward to it, since i know it is a long and boring process.

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