Friday, 15 May 2009

Texturing Dorothy

I started the UV-layout process without further knowledge of it than what Georg taught us in class.
And from what i remembered "you take a picture of every single polygon, lay it out on a 2d plane, mix em around, attach, cut'em, sew'em to make them fit a checkered color pattern and then export the whole shebang as a picture which you can then make into whatever you want".
And it was actually that easy. Taking "pictures" off all the polygons was the most boring part, but even that didnt actull tae too long.
I never did a proper UV-layout before and im very pleased with the outcome.

I did the head first, since i figured it would be the bodypart that needed the best texture. I really dont know much about make-up, but several subtle details makes a better overall texture.
Rosy cheeks, a little bit of red on the lips, shaded eyelids and freckles were easy to make and i think they really made her a more believeable character.
I had hundreds of ideas for the textures, but like i said, we didnt want to focus too much on how she looked.

By looking at reference pictures from the timeperiod, it seemed that the "dresses" the women wore in the workplace were really ugly and boring, but single colored, which made it easier for me.
I felt i had to add something to the outfit to make it just a tad more interesting. Hence the buttons and collar. And i colored the details of the jacket darker.
But it still looked very boring, so i added subtle stains which are mostly faded out. And a tear in the bottom hem using transparency layers.

I think the dress looked really nice now and even though it is basically just a cylinder with two cylinder coming out the sides, all those little things i added now makes it look more exciting and characteristic.

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