Friday, 15 October 2010

Animationstyle: super cool

I remember really liking the Moomin animated series growing up. And i noticed the animation was different from the Disney movies, but still thought it was an awesome style.
I later recognized the same type of animation in japanese films.

I knew Moomin was from Finland so i figured it must have been made by a finnish crew.
But today i found out that almost the entire crew of that series is japanese.

And you can definately see alot of typical "japanimation" techniques used (even just in the intro thats in hebrew), like paralaxing and the very(!!) simplistic lip syncing.
Even when they animate action stuff, its really energetic, but can be insanely simplistic.
A good exmple of that style is the intro dream sequence to Kung fu Panda.

Gotta love it!
In this style of animation has the best use of slow motion i think. Its great for making a powerful anticipation for example.
And even though the actual "action moves" sometimes are very subtle, and sometimes they´re not even there(!), they feel very energetic.

One more example of this is this Ill Bill music video. Notice the simplicity of the animation, but how COOL they´ve made it by throwing tons of other stuff onto the animation.

I am definately going to try to copy this sort of style. Japan 4!!

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