Friday, 29 October 2010

Improving animation..

Georg pointed out a nasty little mistake with my mushroom jumping animation.
When the red guy bounces off the second mushroom, in mid air he seems to be hitting an invisible ceiling.
After some thorough investigation, we came to the conclusion that this error was caused by ceveral stuff...

1. I have been animating the Main_cntrl handle (not neccessary! will only complicate things).
2. The graph contrling the y axis movement of everything going up at that time, was badly adjusted.
3. The characters arm would normally come up after that mid air key pose. mine did`nt. And that was a big reason why it looked wrong.

I have tried to fix these errors and i think it is definately looking better now. But like i said, this tweaking could go on forever. Id rather move to the next branch and keeep on swinging. Like a monkey.

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