Thursday, 28 October 2010

Georg`s Character keying script

Georg wrote a script in Maya to make it easier to animate two or more characters at once.
I call it... "Georg`s script for animating two characters at once". or GSFATCAO for short.

It basically keys both character sets at the same time. And has a little UI with a KEY button on it, that does that.

I set up a scene with two Optimus prime characters. I wanted them running towards each other and then crash.
A simple animation to test out with.

Animating it went flawless for what it is. I didnt pay much attention to making it look good. I only wanted to get used to the script.

I think the script will be most useful when animating two or more characters doing DIFFERENT things, but that interact with the others. A fight for example. Or a wierd dance or something....

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